Weather Climate and Climate Change 2019 Quiz Competition

New date for the Weather and Climate Quiz: June 14, 2019

Prepared by the Meteorological Service, Jamaica

Date: April 26, 2019

Our youth need to be “in the know” where climate change is concerned. Though climate change information is more readily available, not many children are exposed to this or see the need to access this information; hence, the Meteorological Service saw the need to bring this information to the forefront the minds of these children, our future generation that will be most impacted by its evolution. In doing this the Meteorological Service will play a pivotal role in equipping this generation with the tools that will aid them in meeting the challenges of climate change. Thus, the Weather Climate and Climate Change competition was conceptualized and implemented to meet these needs.

The first event of its kind was held in May 2015 with a total of thirteen (13) participating schools and was deemed a huge success. The Meteorological Service recognized that competitions of this nature could play a key role in keeping the youth informed and equipped with the tools to survive in an ever-changing climate. These tools, including knowledge, will result in our children being empowered to become environmental stewards and will enable them to make better environmental decisions. Additionally, this will contribute significantly to the transfer of knowledge to parents and members of their communities. Essentially, this will result in an increase in the awareness of future climate risks and enable all to account for these risks in our decision making.

Taking all this into account, the second such staging is now being planned for June 14, 2019. With the Meteorological Service being heavily involved in the planning and execution of the competition, partnerships are again being sought with aligned organizations and entities through the provision of financial sponsorships.  Apart from providing the critical funding, this will build on the network of adaptation and mitigation activists, thus increasing the chance of the success of their activities, while raising awareness of the work being done by the various bodies.


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